It is for your information that Anglican church of India, formerly known as the church of England in India is autonomous church and statutory body formed by the Acts of Parliaments. It had a large jurisdiction to follow the same constitution, Canons and rules and called the Anglican Church of India. (C.I.P.B.C). The Anglican Church of India under the leadership of the Most Reverend Dr Rockes Bernabas Sandhu Metropolitan of India is the a Autonomous Church . The Basics and the fundamental faith followed by:-

The Constitution, Canons and rules (CCR)
The Holy Bible
The Book of Common Prayer

The Anglican Church of India Reserves right and authority as valid and constitutional apostolic succession make bishops till the faithful serve the Anglican church. The Anglican Church of India by then metropolitan Most Reverend Samuel Peter Parkash has been Removed as the following priests and bishops from the Anglican Church of india due to there unconstitutional activities. They have sold most of the consecrated prime lands of the said church. They are no more now Anglican priests of bishops. They have no right and authority to deal with Anglican church properties they are as follows:-

  Name Removed on
1 John Augustine 15th May 1997
2 Gabriel Buxla 5th April 2008
3 Johnson T. John 3rd February 2004
4 Santosh sagar 15th December 2004

After this as per the CCR Chapter 43 Rules 2 on Feb 2012 in the proceedings of the Episcopal synod of the Anglican church of India (C.I.P.B.C) then Metropolitan Most Rev Samuel P Parkash Unanimously Stands disqualified and Right Rev Patrick Hosea as the Most Senior by Consecration has to assume Charge instead as Metropolitan as per Rule 3 The Most Rev Patrick Hosea Elected as Acting Metropolitan 15-2-12 and same day Right Reverend Dr Rockes Bernabas Sandhu VICAR PROVINCIAL. Since the 15-2-12 Right Reverend Rockes B Sandhu Excising the power of metropolitan bishop upto 14-8-14 as per the order is pertinent to mentionoverher that the then metropolitan most rev Samuel parkash has been remoed/deposed on 10 1 13 by the court of the Episcopal synod of the Anglican church of india cipbc. Order below attached

Order 15-2-12 VICAR PROVINCIAL :-
Most ReverendDr Rockes Bernabas Sandhu was consecrated as the metropolitan bishop Anglican church of India CIPBC on 14-8-14. As per below order.

Order 14-8-14
It is notified that general public is advised not to deal with all above persons in respect of properties/Funds of Anglican church:. Properties in India. any person dealing with the above named person shall do so at his/her own risk and responsibility and will alsobe responsible to Anglican church of India CIPBC for such acts

The Most Rev Dr Rockes Bernabas sandhu
Metropolitan And Arch Bishop
Anglican Church of India
Bishop of Amritsar and Bishop of delhi.

Concise of the Anglican church of india cipbc--- concise of the Anglican church of india cipbc Church of India CIPBC formerly known as the Church of England in India is the original Anglican church of India. The Anglican presence in india dates back four hundered years ago to 1600. When Qeen Elizabeth 1st was still on the throne of England . from that time until within living memory British chaplains and missionaries arrived in ever increasing number. And were territory included not only india the first to minister to the expartriat British community and latter to bring the Gospal of Jesus Christ to the Indian people themselves. For the next ninety years that is until 1927 the church of india was a [rovince of the church of England. Under the authority of the Crown and the British parliament Arising ffrom the enactment of the Indian church Measures, 1927 and the Indian church Act 1927 for the dissolllution of its legal conection with the church of England. The church of india zburma and cylone formed the ecclesiasticl province. It was the time it governed by its own comprehensive .constitution; Canon and Rules are binding on the all members of the Anglican church of india. That is the clergy and lay people as well the government church under the Ecclesiastical department and Crown (mens the Georage 5 th)was the trustee of the Anglica Church of india which is now headed by the Most Rev Dr Rockes Bernabas Sandhu. The Metroplitan cum Arcbishop Anglican Church of India. Contact Us

The Most Rev Dr Rockes Bernabas SandhuMetropolitan
Anglican church of india Metropolitan office St poul Church .Poulus saddan 15 Raj Niwas Marg new Dehli
VenerableCanon Bennet Francis the Archdeacon Diocese of dehli 15 Raj niwas marg new dehli
Very Rev Parbhaker Mahlon Elect Bishop Diocese of Dehli
Bishop House 12 Taylor road Amritsar

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