Church of India (CIPBC) Is The Anglican Church of India (CIPBC) Because The name above has been adopted in accordance to the decision of the "General Council" of the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon.

At the time of the General Council of 1984 it was decided to Add word 'Anglican' to the Church of India (CIPBC) to differentiate from other Churches of India like Roman Catholic Church of India or Methodist or Baptist or Pentecostal Church of India, thus Church of India (CIPBC) is the Anglican Church of India.

The most Rev. Dr. Rockes Bernabas Sandhu succeeded in 2014 the most Rev. Patric Hosea the Acting Metropolitan of India (CIPBC) since 2010, who succeed the most Rev. Samuel Peter Prakash. Samuel Peter Prakash had succeeded the Acting Metropolitan Archbishop Louis W. Falk and Archbishop Folk succeeded the most Rev. J.S. Thakore and Thakore succeeding the most Rev. Lac Desa D'Mel and D'Mel succeeded the most Rev. Mukherji the Metropolitan of the Province of the church of India (CIPBC).

The Continuing Anglican Members Who kept the CIPBC Alive

The Anglican Church of India under the Ecclesiastical Province of the Church of India, Pakistan and Ceylon as per decision of the General Council held on 2nd to 4th January 1970, under the Chairmanship of the Most Rev. Lac Desa De Mel at Calcutta.

Many Anglicans had opposed the Church Union and did not follow its principles. The leaders who led the revival of the Anglican Church of India were staunch members of the Anglican Church. Some of the senior most The leaders of congregations were Andrew Prakash, E.D. Theophilus, Samuel P. Prakash, Robinson Paul, R.B. James, C.T. Gideon, Rev. E.J. Gideon, Ghulam Masih, Anderson Frank, Daniel Masih and some Anglican Priests were Rev. Jai Singh Thakore, Rev. John A. Prakash, Rev. Stanly Hague, Rev. C.L. Prasad, Rt. Rev. Babu Masih& Mehraj Masih who had taken pre-matured retirement from their services and continued as Anglican Priests to serve Anglican congregations. They are heroes of the Anglican revival in India and continued the succession of the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma and Ceylon till now.

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